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About Amplify Hearing

Who is Amplify Hearing?

We are an independent hearing healthcare provider, committed to delivering an outstanding audiology experience for every patient.

We have a vision and desire to provide better clinical hearing services across the USA.

We provide hearing solutions from all the world’s leading manufacturers, FREE hearing tests and the very best in clinical hearing healthcare.

We believe that successful outcomes for patients naturally flow from doing things right. This is why it is our priority to provide superior clinical practice and exceptional customer service levels, delivered by well-trained, well-equipped clinicians.

We guarantee competitive pricing and an excellent experience, delivering a transparent, first-class service every time.

Hearing solutions suited to you, not us

Our licensed hearing care professionals recommend hearing technology based on what’s best suited to your individual hearing loss, your specific needs and your lifestyle.

All the leading brands

We offer hearing solutions from all the world’s leading hearing aid brands, so you have a huge range of technology and fitting styles to choose from. Don’t worry if you’re spoiled for choice and don’t know what to choose, we’ll help guide you.

Our comprehensive range of hearing solutions includes digital, custom made, rechargeable, Bluetooth and incredibly discreet hearing aids.

All with free aftercare

What’s more, every single hearing solution we offer comes with free comprehensive aftercare! Find out more about our aftercare.

As independent hearing care providers, our knowledge and professionalism is unrivalled.

We take the time to understand you

Our licensed hearing care professionals will build a relationship with you and take the time to make sure you get the very best from your hearing aids.

When we talk through your hearing options with you, guaranteeing you receive unbiased hearing care advice you can trust.

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