Independent hearing care & hearing aid providers

Better hearing care from a partner you can trust.

Independent hearing care across the U.S.

We’re experts in hearing care. We provide independent hearing health care through your local Amplify Hearing practice, in your local community.

And because we’re a completely independent hearing care provider, we always only recommend hearing aids based on what’s best suited to your individual hearing loss, your specific needs and your lifestyle. Rather than suggesting a hearing aid model based on which manufacturer we may be commercially affiliated with, unlike many hearing aid retailers.

So you can be assured of a hearing solution that is suited to you, not us.

Unbiased hearing advice you can trust

With us, you’re guaranteed to receive unbiased hearing advice that you can trust from professional, fully qualified expert.

Our Amplify hearing aid professionals will build a relationship with you and take the time to make sure you get the very best from your hearing aids, because we appreciate that this is what is needed for you to get a new lease of life from your new hearing aids.

Getting the right hearing aids is all about you, your lifestyle and what you need your hearing aids to do. Your hearing care professional will advise you and help you on your journey to restoring your hearing!

Choose from all the leading manufacturers, not just one!

We offer the very latest technology in an extensive range of hearing aids, from ALL the World’s leading hearing aid brands, including ReSound, Starkey, Signia, Widex, Oticon, and Phonak.

Our hearing care professionals regularly review the very latest developments in hearing aid technology to ensure you receive the best possible hearing aid model for your budget. These include rechargeable aids that do not need batteries; aids that sync with most Bluetooth devices; aids with artificial intelligence to automatically adapt to your surroundings; even aids with fitness tracking, fall detection and emergency contact alert functions.

First class aftercare to suit you

Being independent, and therefore flexible in our approach, means we’re set up to offer the highest levels of service and aftercare as standard. And our patient focussed team make sure they deliver the service and aftercare that suits you, not us!

Please bear in mind that comprehensive, free aftercare is crucially important when you purchase hearing aids, because unlike glasses, you can’t just put them on and walk away. You will need the ongoing care and support of a dedicated, caring, hearing care professional.

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