Digital hearing aids

With Bluetooth to pair to your devices

Advanced hearing aid technology

The digital age has brought tremendous advances in technology in so many aspects of our lives, and hearing is no different. Digital development has resulted in superior, Bluetooth hearing aids being easily available that:

  • Produce a richer, more natural sound
  • Have more functionality to sync with other devices that make your life easier and more enjoyable, like your phone, TV and computer
  • Are easier to use
  • Are smaller and more discreet
  • Can be programmed and maintained remotely
  • Can be easily adjusted to suit any change in hearing loss
  • Are more reliable and last for longer
  • Are rechargeable and don’t need batteries

Two becomes one

Wireless technology means that two hearing aids (one in each ear) can communicate with each other and operate in unison as one complete hearing solution, to give you the best listening experience possible. This technology also means hearing aids can effortlessly connect to other wireless and Bluetooth devices around you, to stream sound directly into your ears. Now your family can hear the TV at the volume they want, while you’re able to adjust the volume to your liking.

Power at your fingertips

The very latest in hearing aid apps developed by the leading manufacturers, mean you have the power at your fingertips to tailor what you hear, even in the most challenging and noisy listening environments. By connecting your hearing aids via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android smartphone, you can control your hearing aid settings through the app on your phone.

Improving your health

With ground-breaking technology, some models are even looking after your physical and cognitive hearing in addition to your hearing!

For example, some modern hearing solutions track your steps and movement to help you maintain and increase your physical activity. Included in this technology is life-saving fall detection alerts to your chosen close contacts, which keeps you safe and helps you remain independent.

Simple to use and maintain

Digital development has resulted in superior hearing aids that are easy to use and maintain. They have added functionality, produce a richer, more natural sound and are generally smaller and more discreet. Most are also rechargeable and do not need batteries.

Compare digital and analog hearing aids

Feature Analog hearing aids Digital hearing aids
Sound signals Continuous and uniform Multiple layers of sound
Ability to adapt to different sound environments X
Background noise reduction X
Natural-sounding speech X
Can be customized to suit your hearing loss X
Can pair and stream sound with other devices No Yes

Why choose digital?

  • Enriched sound
  • Customised listening experience
  • Enhanced comfort and less feedback
  • Variable tone and volume
  • Effortless sound streaming from your phone, music system and TV
  • Incredibly discreet to wear

How to choose a digital Bluetooth hearing aid

With so many options to choose from, it can be bewildering knowing what will suit you best.

Your hearing care professional will be able to advice you on which digital Bluetooth hearing aids are best suited to your specific hearing loss, your lifestyle and the common challenges you face in different listening environments. They will also explain all the different features of digital and Bluetooth hearing aids, so you can compare.

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