Invisible hearing aids

The most discreet, smallest hearing aids

Small size, big performance

The beauty of our range of discreet hearing aids is not only in their size, but also in their performance. These invisible hearing aids fit completely inside your ear canal for ultimate comfort and, as they can’t be seen, no one will even know you’re wearing them.

The best discreet hearing aids

There are two types of discreet or ‘invisible’ hearing aids – completely in the canal CIC aids and invisible in the canal IIC aids. Both types have no external wires or tubes.

CIC aids fit the ear canal but do not fill the concha, and are largely unnoticeable unless you look directly at the wearer’s ear canal.

IIC aids are smaller in size and the most discreet hearing aids available. They are less easily seen as they fit deeper into the ear canal.

The ultimate in comfort

While some discreet IIC hearing aids can be fitted instantly, the most comfortable will likely be custom-fit, made using a mold of your inner ear. With a soft silicone dome that fits snugly inside the ear canal, you’re assured of a long-lasting, comfortable fit.

In the ear or behind the ear hearing aids

IIC hearing aids can take a little longer to get used to than traditional behind-the-ear BTE hearing aids, with some wearers experiencing a slight blocked ear type sensation caused by the IIC fitting into the opening of the ear canal. But this does go away over time, in much the same way as wearers get used to the feeling of wearing a new pair of glasses or contact lenses.

And it is important to remember that a good fit inside the ear means you have the most effective channeling of sound and limits feedback or whistling from the aid.

The benefits of invisible hearing aids

  • Less feedback and whistling, especially on the phone
  • Less likely to pick up wind noise
  • Very natural sound performance
  • Less sound distortion because there is limited internal vibration
  • Almost invisible when wearing
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Fit snugly so less likely to fall out
  • Comfortable to wear with glasses

Why a discreet hearing aid might not be suitable for you

  • Shorter battery life
  • Rechargeable models are not available
  • Smaller to handle if you have dexterity problems, though they do have extraction cords to help you
  • Smaller to control, though remote control units are available
  • Can be prone to ear wax and moisture build-up, though dehumidifier units are available

We’re here to help

If you’re unsure whether an invisible hearing aid would suit you, your hearing care professional will be able to help you. They can talk you through your options and show you the models available to you. Not all hearing aids suit all levels of hearing loss or your lifestyle, and that’s why it is important to speak to one of our hearing care experts.

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